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Mr. Steinbrenner Mr. Steinbrenner is the General Manager of the New York Yankees. He fires and hires people like it's a body funcion. Is Georges boss while he worked for the yankees. Steinbrenner likes Calzone.
Larry David More:
Real Name: Larry David
Born: 2. July 1947, Brooklyn, New York, New Jeresy, USA
Salary: $200,000,000 (from the sale of the syndication rights to the show)
As he grew richer, with a Forbes-estimated fortune of over $200 million for his role as co-creator of "Seinfeld" (1990), this otherwise hapless former failed stand-up comic says he developed an allergy to caviar, which "was the perfect metaphor for my life".
Was a writer on "Saturday Night Live" (1975) for one season. In that entire season, David got only one sketch that he had written on the air, and it was the last sketch of the night.
Was the inspiration for the character of George Constanza on "Seinfeld" (1990).
Graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in history.
Is a New York Yankees fan.
Once neighbors with Kenny Kramer. (The real Kramer), who used to walk into his apartment without knocking to get food, or something.
Is the "real George". Him and Jerry planed to bring a "Show about nothing" to NBC; the idea was created in a coffee shop.
He DID walk away from the executives of NBC, because they wanted to change the scripts.
Did once quit his Job on the Comedy Channel, and walked back next mondey as if nothing happened. Not like George, he was able to get his Job back.
Did try the "sex without engagement" thing once, and it backfired on him.
Larry David Movies:
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (2000) TV Series (creator) (story) Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm (1999) (TV) Sour Grapes (1998) (written by) Norman's Corner (1987) (TV) "Saturday Night Live" (1975) TV Series (writer) (1984-1985) ... aka NBC's Saturday Night (USA: original title) ... aka SNL ... aka SNL 25 (USA: new title) ... aka Saturday Night Live '80 (USA: new title) "Fridays" (1980) TV Series (writer)

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