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Video Clips

George double dips (564KB) Press conference with Mayor Giuliani (972KB) Elaine's yada yada yada (197KB) Kramer pretends to be the moviephone guy (2246KB)
Montage of Seinfeld characters (864KB) Newman gets upset and angry at Jerry (1268KB) The Soup Nazy (1697KB) George tells the story about how he saved the whale (6846KB)
The fat guy gets robbed (7000KB) The gang meet their opposites (1461KB) Hernandez asks Jerry to help move (1007KB) Jerry's stand up in prison(2622KB)

Audio-Video Files (avi)

Kramer talks to Jackie about a woman wearing no top (5508KB) George tells elaine about shrinkage (1554KB) Kramer tells of his encounter with a monkey (614KB) Jackie asking, who put the balm on? (32186KB)
Jerry and George discuss cannibalism (3568KB) George in the Bathroom (3218KB) Jerry and George discuss who is the bigger idiot (2736KB) Kramer gives George advice about the little man (9286KB)
Kramer attempts to guess George's ATM code (1893KB) Elaine is introduced to Stella (8237KB) Georges answermachine(507KB) George's grilfriend is topless at the hamptons(6306KB)

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