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Russell Dalrymple Russel is a NBC executive when Jerry and George presented their "show about nothing". Jerry and George almost lose their precious NBC pilot after getting caught staring at the nubile teen-aged daughter of network executive Russell Dalrymple. Russel is the Warren-Littlefield clone. He loves Pasta Primavera, loves Elaine, and fired Susan because George kissed her on a NBC meeting. He even joint Green-peace, after Elaine told him she likes those kind of guys.
Bob Balaban More:
Real Name: Bob Balaban
Born: 16. August 1945, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Spouse: unknown
Biography: Bob Balaban is an American actor and director. He has starred in many films including Midnight Cowboy, Clockwatchers, Pie in the Sky, and 2010: The Year We Make Contact. He also co-starred in Gosford Park, which he helped to conceive along with the director Robert Altman. His most regarded film directing credit is Parents starring Randy Quaid a satire of the values and prejudices of Eisenhower era America. Balaban is also known for playing the role of David Laughlin in the 1977 Steven Spielberg film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Balaban later wrote a book about his experience shooting this film called Spielberg, Truffaut & Me: An Actor's Diary. In the 1990s, Balaban starred as the president of NBC on Seinfeld. He also starred as Phoebe's father in the television show Friends. Since 2002, he has been authoring a series of children's books: the McGrowl series. He lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his family.
Bob Balaban Movies:
For Your Consideration (2006) (filming) Lady in the Water (2006) (post-production) Trust the Man (2005) Capote (2005) .... William Shawn "Hopeless Pictures" (2005) TV Series .... Sam IFP Gotham Awards 2004 (2004) (TV) .... Host Gerald L'Ecuyer: A Filmmaker's Journey (2004) (TV) Scene Stealers (2004) .... Jonathan Crouch Esq. Marie and Bruce (2004) A Mighty Wind (2003) .... Jonathan Steinbloom The Tuxedo (2002) (uncredited) .... Winton Chalmers The Majestic (2001) .... Elvin Clyde Gosford Park (2001) .... Morris Weissman ... aka Gosford Park (Germany) Ghost World (2001) .... Enid's Dad Plan B (2001/I) .... James The Mexican (2001) .... Bernie Nayman ... aka Mexicana, La (Mexico) Best in Show (2000) .... Dr. Theodore W. Millbank III Tex, the Passive-Aggressive Gunslinger (2000) .... Tex Three to Tango (1999) .... Decker Natural Selection (1999) .... Dr. William Powell ... aka The Demon Slayer (Europe: English title: DVD title) ... aka The Monster Hunter (USA: DVD title) ... aka The Monster Slayer (USA: MIFED title) Jakob the Liar (1999) .... Kowalsky ... aka Jakob le menteur (France) Cradle Will Rock (1999) .... Harry Hopkins Swing Vote (1999) (TV) .... Justice Eli MacCorckle ... aka The Ninth Justice (Australia: video title) Giving Up the Ghost (1998) (TV) .... Bob Deconstructing Harry (1997) .... Richard Clockwatchers (1997) .... Milton Lasky The Definite Maybe (1997) .... Wolfe Rollins Conversation with the Beast (1996) .... Mr. Webster ... aka Gespr�ch mit dem Biest (Germany) ... aka Gespr�ch mit der Bestie (Germany: TV title) Waiting for Guffman (1996) .... Lloyd Miller The Late Shift (1996) (TV) .... Warren Littlefield Pie in the Sky (1996) .... Paul Entamen City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold (1994) (uncredited) .... Dr. Jeffrey Sanborn ... aka City Slickers II (USA: short title) ... aka City Slickers: The Legend of Curly's Gold (UK) Greedy (1994) .... Ed For Love or Money (1993) .... Ed Drinkwater ... aka The Concierge (Australia) (UK) (USA: working title) Amos & Andrew (1993) .... Dr. Roy 'R.A.' Fink Bob Roberts (1992) .... Michael Janes Little Man Tate (1991) (uncredited) .... Quizmaster Unnatural Pursuits (1991) Alice (1990) .... Sid Moscowitz The Face of Fear (1990/I) (TV) .... Ira Preduski Dead Bang (1989) .... Elliott Webley ... aka Dead-Bang (USA: poster title) End of the Line (1988) .... Warren Gerber, President of Southland Invisible Thread (1987) (TV) ... aka Penn & Teller's Invisible Thread 2010 (1984) .... Dr. R. Chandra ... aka 2010: The Year We Make Contact Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981) .... Carter Hill Absence of Malice (1981) .... Elliott Rosen Prince of the City (1981) .... Santimassino Altered States (1980) .... Arthur Rosenberg Girlfriends (1978) .... Martin Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) .... David Laughlin ... aka CE3K (USA: informal short title) ... aka Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Special Edition (USA: reissue title) Report to the Commissioner (1975) (as Robert Balaban) .... Joey Egan ... aka Operation Undercover (UK) Bank Shot (1974) .... Victor Karp Marriage: Year One (1971) (TV) .... Bernie Making It (1971) .... Wilkie Catch-22 (1970) .... Capt. Orr The Strawberry Statement (1970) .... Elliot Me, Natalie (1969) .... Morris Midnight Cowboy (1969) .... New York - The Young Student

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