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J. Peterman J. Peterman, purveyor of floridly written mail-order items who waxed poetic about clothing and exotic destinations. He introduced himself to Elaine by noting her coat's "deep by-swing vents," perfect for jumping onto a gondola. The dialogue sounded like it was written by Rudyard Kipling himself, and for four seasons it was delivered expertly by John O'Hurley's baritone voice.
J. Peterman hired Elaine to work on his Catalog. His favorite saying is: "It�ll Always Be Burma to Me".
However, J. (John) Peterman and the J. Peterman catalog are real�although the real-life J. Peterman Company is based not in New York City, but in Lexington, Kentucky. J. Peterman talks like the character in the show and, as portrayed on the show, the catalog (Called the "Owner's Manual") is spiced with tangential prose in the descriptions of the products�hard-to-find clothing and accessories.

The J. Peterman of Seinfeld fame was portrayed by John O'Hurley. After a somewhat serendipitous series of events�a boom, a bust, a buy-out, a buy-back and, finally, a meeting between Peterman and O'Hurley which the latter likened to "Bruno Magli meeting O.J. Simpson"�the fictional J. Peterman now sits on the real J. Peterman board of directors.
J. Peterman More:
Real Name: John O'Hurley
Born: 9. October 1956, Kittery, Main, USA
Spouse: Lisa Mesloh (14. August 2004 - present)
Trademarks: Is left-handed
Alumnus of Kingswood-Oxford (private school) in West Hartford, Connecticut.
Was director of public relations for the American Red Cross.
Hobbies: golf, tennis, carpentry and interior design.
Education: Providence College, Providence, RI; BA in theatre.
Refuses to dye his frosted hair black to get younger roles.
Co-owner (with J. Peterman) of the real J. Peterman Catalog. After playing J. Peterman on "Seinfeld" (1990), he was offered the opportunity to buy part of the company and help bring it back from bankruptcy. They turned a profit the very first year that O'Hurley was part of the company.
Collects fine wines.
Older sister Carol passed away in 1970 at the age of 17 due to epileptic seizures. Now John works on behalf of the Epilepsy Foundation to find a cure.
Attended Natick High School.
Was runner-up in the ABC hit, "Dancing with the Stars".
September 2005 - Won "Dancing with the Stars" re-match with partner Charlotte Jorgensen, earning $126,000 for Golfers Against Cancer charity.
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