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Newman He is called the problem solver. He makes problems dissapear. Jerrys other neigbor, number 2 after Kramer, with no first name.
The standart greetings between Jerry and Newman are avious. "Helllooow, Newman" - - - "Helllooow Jerry".
Be honest; nobody would like a postal worker like newman to be even close to be, and he is willing to do every shameful act; granting the postal secret code, opening other people letters, stacking mail in Kramers basement, and as you know, much, much more.
But he is also willing to help people. He can substitute George as a Pizza delivery boy for Steinbrenner, he can smell marinated Kramer all the way to Jerry's apartment, and he is even able to play Salomon, when Kramer and Elaine are fighting about a childrens bike.
Newman had an affair with Kramers mother, made Jerry brake up with his girlfriend because she was with Newman before, and accidently planed the millenium party for 31.12.2000, one year too late.
He hates brocoli
Newman More:
Real Name: Wayne Knight
Born: 7 August 1955, Cartersville, Georgia, USA
Spouse: single
Trade Mark: Has worn the same pair of his trademark glasses since his role in "Seinfeld" (1990), After being told by his doctors that he was approaching morbid obesity, Knight embarked upon a diet-and-exercise program that allowed him to lose 117 lbs, dropping his weight from 327 to 210 lbs.
Newman Movies:
The Sex O'Clock News(1984), Double Negative(1985), Assaulted Nuts(1985), Forever, Lulu(1987), Dirty Dancing(1987), Everybody's All-American(1988), Born on the Fourth of July(1989), V.I. Warshawski(1991), Dead Again(1991, )JFK(1991), Basic Instinct(1992), Jurassic Park(1993), Chameleon(1995), To Die For(1995), Space Jam(1996), For Richer or Poorer(1997), Pros and Cons(1999), Rat Race(2001), Black Cloud(2004), Gone(2006)

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