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Jerry Seinfeld "A guy with a big head and the flared nostrils" (Kramer). The brave head of the gang is a comedian by soul. Jerry gets away with almost everything, considering the problems the other three cause.
His best friend is George, who he knows since High school. George fell in Gym Class on Jerry�s head; they are great friends ever since.
He has a new girlfriend almost every week, but the relationships usually end for fairly legitimate reasons.
Jerry�s neighbor is Kramer, who comes to visit Jerry any time he wants. Jerry once took Kramer�s key privileges away, but it didn�t work out. Jerry is always irritated from Kramer�s behavior and ideas. He once traded his apartment with Kramer, and... turned INTO Kramer.
Elaine is the completion of the four disturbed. She was dating Jerry for a while, but their relationship is clear platonic. This does not mean that intimate contacts are ruled out... especially when they are necessary to save their friendship.

Jerry is a single, athletic, centered guy, but he is not gay, like it sometimes might appear (not that there is anything wrong about it) He stays away from milk products, gurgles six times a day (according to Elaine very quite). He has never seen an episode of "I love Lucy", denies that he is a (nose-) picker, and keeps his apartment very clean and organized.

He does not want to be a cowboy, or a pirate.

Jerry Seinfeld More Informations:
Real Name: Jerry Seinfeld
Born: 29 April 1954, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Spouse: Jessica Seinfeld (25 December 1999 - present) 3 Children
Trade Mark: Impeccable neatness, unflappable confidence, has a collection of over 500 sneakers, is a Porsche collector, is a New York Mets fan, is a fan of the comic book character Superman, is a lover of breakfast cereal.
Salary: (1990) $225,000,000
Biography: Jerome "Jerry" Seinfeld (born April 29, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American actor, writer and observational comedian from Massapequa, New York, a Long Island, New York hamlet. Seinfeld attended the Birch Lane Elementary School and Massapequa High School. Straight from graduation at Queens College, Seinfeld tried out at an open mic night at New York's Catch A Rising Star in 1976. Soon after, he was appearing in a Rodney Dangerfield HBO special. Seinfeld had a small recurring role as "Frankie" on the Benson sitcom in 1979, but was abruptly fired from the show. A few years later, in May of 1981, Seinfeld made a highly successful appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. Seinfeld then became a regular on similar shows, including Late Night with David Letterman and the Merv Griffin Show. For a time in his life Seinfeld (who was raised as a Jew) was a Scientologist and he still speaks highly of his time as a Scientologist. In an interview he did for Playboy Magazine in October 1993 he said, "I learned a lot and I had a good experience with it.
He was born to a Jewish family of a Syrian mother and a Hungarian father. His most famous pre-marriage dalliance was with Shoshanna Lonstein, who was still in secondary school when they first met. He began dating Jessica Sklar after they met at the Reebok Sports Club in 1998, even though she had just married Eric Nederlander, a scion of the Broadway theater-owning family. At one point, Nederlander planned to sue Seinfeld for "alienation of affection" for contributing to the demise of his marriage. Seinfeld and Sklar married on December 25, 1999. They have three children: Sascha, Julian Cal (whose birth was announced on Live! with Regis and Kelly), and Sheperd Kellen, born August 22, 2005.

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