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'Crazy' Joe Davola 'Crazy Joe Davola leaves Jerry a message saying he will put the "kibosh" on him. Kramer has tickets for the opera, Pagliacci, and everyone is going including Elaine and her boyfriend "Crazy" Joe. Elaine drops in on Joe's apartment and is she surprised by what she discovers, so she maces him with cherry Binaca and ends their relationship. Susan can't attend, so George tries to scalp her ticket. Joe, a big fan of Pagliacci, comes to the opera in clown garb; Elaine and Jerry attend together not realizing their different estranged relationships with Joe.
Joe does not like Jerry. He does not like Kramer; he basicly does not like anybody. He met Elaine while going to the same shrink she went, and peeped on her while dating her.
Peter Crombie More:
Real Name: Peter Crombie
Born: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Biography: Peter Crombie has appeared in movies such as Born on the Fourth of July, Natural Born Killers, Se7en, and My Dog Skip. He also made guest appearances in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and NYPD Blue.
Peter Crombie Movies:
My Dog Skip (2000) .... Junior Smalls "House of Frankenstein 1997" (1997) (mini) TV Series .... Frankenstein's Creature A Walton Easter (1997) (TV) .... Calvin Weeks Se7en (1995) .... Dr. O'Neill Safe (1995) .... Dr. Reynolds Natural Born Killers (1994) .... Intense Cop Rising Sun (1993) .... Greg Smoothtalker (1992) .... Jack Perdue The Doors (1991) .... Associate Lawyer Desperate Hours (1990) .... Connelly Born on the Fourth of July (1989) .... Undercover vet (Miami convention) The Blob (1988) .... Soldier at Command Post The Trial of Bernhard Goetz (1988) (TV) .... Bernhard Goetz Broken Vows (1987) (TV) .... Dan Phelan

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